Charles Taze Russell: His Life and Times--The Man, the Millennium, and the Message

A Biography by Fredrick Zydek


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Pastor Charles Taze Russell (1852-1916) was the most widely known and celebrated Christian minister of his day. He was also one of the most controversial, daring to challenge doctrines taught by most mainline denominations. Deeply religious from his youth, he could not see how the concept of a loving God, which the Scriptures clearly teach, could be reconciled with the teaching that God condemns huge numbers of his human creation to an existence of eternal torment in fiery flames. Many people worldwide hearkened to Pastor Russell’s ministry during his lifetime, gladdened and encouraged that God indeed has a wonderful, loving plan for the salvation of all mankind, except for those who remain willfully incorrigible during the favorable conditions of Christ's Millennial Kingdom.

Despite his fame and wide following, the name, the character, and the ministry of Pastor Charles T. Russell has either been forgotten by history or maligned by anyone who has written about him. In George Swetnam’s history, “Where Else But Pittsburgh?” he observed, “It is an amazing thing that no Pittsburgh history has ever even so much as contained the name of Charles Taze Russell, since his influence has easily been the widest of any man who ever lived in the city, not even excepting Andrew Carnegie.”

In the nearly 100 years since his death, no professional, objective biography was ever written about him. Authors who have mentioned him and his ministry in their writings have misrepresented both his life and his teachings. Writers in Christendom have maligned him because he challenged some long-held and cherished doctrines and they have built their narratives around the character-assassinating false charges and rumors that circulated in his day.

Will anyone ever write an honest, objective, and professional biography of Pastor Russell and his ministry? Will anyone simply tell the truth and state what lies in historical records, and thereby vindicate his name, his reputation, and his life of service to God? Someone finally has!